I recently found this one buried in an old hard drive and thought it worth sharing on Throw Back Thursday! It made me so grateful for teaching my kids the value of penpalling and building relationships. We used to sit at the desk in their room and they would dictate the letters to me. We would print them out, draw a few accompanying pictures, and seal it up. They loved addressing the envelopes and placing the stamps in the corner. We’d walk down to the nearest big blue USPS mailbox in the neighborhood and I’d lift them up so they could have the pleasure of opening the door and slipping the letter into the box’s mouth. And then, we’d wait for the response.

I’d love to tell you that Henry and Alice continue to write to each other. The truth is that they are still in touch, only it is through Instagram and Snapchat now! Times change but building friendships is timeless!

Dear Alice,

Happy birthday!!!!

For Christmas I got a pirate kit that has everything a pirate would have like a hook that came with it and I like it a lot. I got a Geico lizard that talks and a Geico t-shirt. I asked Santa for a magic wand and I got it and I asked for a pack of Pokemon cards and I got that too. I got a magician kit that came with a little hat and you can put it on and the wand is very hard to get on the tips and do the magic. And I got a little cape that is purple.

I go to school 5 days a week. My teachers are Mrs. Kenyon and Mrs. Q. And my friends are Alex, Katie, Maddie, Emily, Jaden, Jack E. , Jack M. , Benjamin and Olivia. I play, eat, read, sing, and do everything that your school does. My favorite song is “Martin Luther King”. I play Legos and in the family center where we can dress up and cook things. I like to make letters in the writing center but we ran out of paper and envelopes. We just got some more though.
My favorite foods are watermelon and grapes. My favorite vegetable is broccoli and beans. My favorite meat is fish, especially if I catch it.

I know about ice skating. I have been to that little rink here in my city. I don’t fall down that much but my mom and dad help me a lot because I used to fall down a lot. My mom stands me up and holds my hand but I am getting better. I am proud of you for getting up gracefully. I would say that you need just a litttttttttttle bit more practice.

Happy birthday. I am jealous that you are five but I’ll be five pretty soon. My birthday is March 28. How was the ice skating show? Did you go to the ice rink? What did you get for your birthday?

I have read a lot of books lately. I read a lot of books every night in my bed and at school. I read Richard Scarry books a lot. Remember the drawings on the walls in my bedroom? I am learning to read with my dad. We are using a book from the library that is special to teach me to read little words and learn sounds. My mom gets out of the library the books with braille and print so she can help me sound out the words I can’t yet. I like the Magic Tree House books. My dad or Oliver reads them to me. They are chapter books but they have some pictures. “The Knight at Dawn” is my favorite one. There’s a castle with knights in it and Jack and Annie have to find a clue to help Merlin.

My library has computers. I can play a lot of games on them. We have Artichokey at my library. Artichokey is a big ceramic giraffe that you can do I Spy on. I have puppet theater that I like so much because I put on shows with puppets. My favorite one is a raccoon in a trash can. It is so fun and everybody does it.

This is for your birthday.



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