Inspired by…

By a creek in Cataraugus County

The land tickles words from my fingertips
And I wonder if water can travel any way but honestly;
If loneliness gnaws her shores in winter and sucks her sheets into twine in summer;
Whether she feels enough after the jaws of March relent
and if resentment towards her passengers is possible during pregnancy ,
So tethered to God as she seems.

Can she hear the notes and lyrics of her friction with the earth
The stones and hulls of maker and man?
Maybe only at night,
When hers is the soloist’s voice?
But when would there even be time to listen
With all the business of the journey
To wherever she is going?

After having the time of his life horseback riding on a Boy Scout trip to Filmont with our older son, I decided to encourage my husband to continue riding. So, for Christmas that year, I presented him with a weekend away at the R and R Dude Ranch in Otto, NY. It was exactly what he had dreamed of and just what we both needed. Smack dab in the middle of nowhere, we spent three days luxuriating in nature and discovering the wonder and beauty of horses. A no-frills ranch, it was a place to get dirty, play hard, and unwind. After the day of trail riding and hiking, we’d relax on the porch of our private cabin and marvel at the natural beauty around us. Nature has always been a muse for me. Listening to the power and language of the water as it rushed by our cabin, this poem sprang from my fingertips.



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